Quality Assurance


Every products that leave Wood Village will go through the most stringent quality control to ensure consistency of quality standard.


Factory Process Control

A set of factory process control is implemented in the production to ensure the materials gone through every process from incoming of timber to the final packaging of the goods are complied to the buyers required standard.


Test & Accuracy

The laminated profile will be tested with splitting test to ensure no failure of joints on every batch of shipments. The laminated profiles will also be tested with the penetration agents to ensure no void occurs on the glue lines. This test will ensure that the lamination process is performed correctly. The tightness of the glue lines will provide better durability to the window scantling.

 Moisture Content of the timbers are measures with pin and surface types of meter at the respective process. The accuracy of the readings observe from the meter are always confirmed by the oven dry test.