We are having a serious concern for our climate and environment. Wood Village has aligned closely with "green" methods of operation in making everything in a resourceful and healthy way. All the lumber we purchase is from the sustainable forests with a ealthy growth cycle, and a sustainable living environment for its habitat.


Certified Timbers From Well Managed Forest
Being awarded with the Chain of Custody certification, enables us to demonstrate our commitment to traceability in our supply chain and satisfy customer demand, as well as continuously improving our company image.

Chain of Custody involves tracking the origins of wood and guanratees its authenticity through the entire supply chain. Hence, this quickly determine precise origins and processes of our products have gone through. It provides evidence that our products originate from certified, well managed forests. Our compliance with the forestry management standards reduces the risk of product denial and possible litigation.

  The Malaysia Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS)
MTCC is an independent organisation established in October 1998 to develop and operate a voluntary national timber certification scheme in Malaysia.

The Certificate for Chain-of-Custody is issued to confirm that the manufacturer or exporter has complied with the standard used in the MTCS. Holders of valid Certificates for Chain-of-Custody may use the MTCC logo, on-product and off-product, to provide an assurance to buyers that their timber products are manufactured from MTCS-certified sources of wood-based materials.

Malaysian Timber Certification Council has submitted the MTCC forest certification system for the PEFC endorsement.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC)
PEFC is a framework for the assessment and endorsement of national forest certification systems that have been developed based on internationally recognised requirements for sustainable forest management.

Certification of forests (Sustainable Forest Management certification) and the certification of the wood flow via processing, manufacturing (Chain of Custody certification) to the final consumer provides an assurance to purchasers of wood products that the wood used in the products comes from sustainably managed forest.

Malaysian Timber Certification Council has submitted the MTCC forest certification system for the PEFC endorsement. We have been assessed by notified CB and has complied with the requirement of PEFC Annex 4. A new Cerficate for Chain of Custody for compliance with the PEFC will be issued when the endorsement process is completed. We will be eligible to use the PEFC logo, in addition to the MTCC logo.